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Jalandhar, December 31
Daughter of labourer parents, Mamta, a 32-year-old woman, has created history in the village by winning the Panchayat elections from a nondescript Gehalmazari village in the Aur block of Nawanshahr.
Her education depicts her innovative, novel and pro-development ideas for her village, which she said she would work upon. Her aim is to make the village, a modern one.
Mamta has a dual degree in MA and MSc IT, besides a BEd degree. Reaching this level was certainly not easy for her.
Mamta said she came from a financially unstable family where both her parents were working as labourers.
“Growing up in a Jalandhar village and looking at the condition of my village and my family also, I had decided that no matter what I was going to study I will earn degrees,” she said, adding that her perseverance resulted in her attaining a dual degree, then becoming a teacher and now attaining the position of a sarpanch.
She said there was a time when people used to doubt that she would be able to study or not because of her poor background. But now she had achieved this.
Mamta got married three years ago and when she came to Gehalmazari village, she was taken aback as she sensed that the village had nothing.
“Now that I have become a sarpanch, I want to establish a skill development centre here where a computer and stitching centre will be set up. And then talking of medical facility, our village do not have a basic dispensary, which is a basic need. I will work upon these,” she said.
Talking of other ideas, she said she would organise several awareness programmes in the village on drugs, developing a free tuition centre encouraging youngsters to provide free tuitions to children belonging to poor families. She said she wants to also establish a club where the downtrodden children would be provided help.
Mamta, who taught for several years in her growing years, found out that the young generation could never achieve anything if they do not read. Absence of a library in a village is the major drawback.
“Only attaining degrees does not help, reading enhances your wisdom; this is what I want for my village. So, my other aim is to give my village a library,” she said.
Direct meeting with people
While talking about interactions and listening to grievances of residents, Mamta said: “I want that rather than indulging in meetings with officers of various departments, a sarpanch must give oneself to those who elected him.” she also saidshe would take feedback too.
Just to involve persons of every generation in sports, Mamta said regular sports activities and entertaining games would be a regular feature of the village in which children, youngsters and even elderly would be encouraged to take part.
What’s on her mind
Gehalmazari village in the Aur block of Nawanshahr village lacks school and health facilities. The young highly educated sarpanch, who is a former teacher, aims to make it a modern village, establish skill development centre and library and make sports activities a regular feature for persons of all ages.


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